Our stand alone auto-dialer is housed in a polycarbonate type 4X enclosure rated for outdoor environments. It can be added to any control panel with 120 VAC alarms. 12 VDC and 240 VAC alarms are available on special order.

The Stand Alone Auto-Dialer is a cellular telemetry system that will monitor 2 alarms. The alarm notification will be through text message, and can be sent out to as many as three cell phones. The dialer will monitor the alarm and incoming power. Anytime the alarm turns on or off, the dialer will text telling you the condition of the alarm has changed. The dialer will also send out a text message telling you the incoming power has been disconnected or restored. There are 4 AAA batteries that power the unit to send the power lost alarm. There is a small yearly fee for the text plan that operates on the Verizion network.