RJR Controls designs and builds simplex and duplex control panels for rainwater collection systems, wastewater lift stations, sewage, transfer pumps, pump chambers, septic tanks, and sand filters.

We have a pre-configured line of panels that have fewer options than custom panels, but are designed for performance, lower cost, and flexibility.

ALT-DMD-LA Control Panel

The ALT-DMD-LA Control Panel was designed specifically to monitor your pump tank levels while operating two alternating 1/2 HP 120 VAC pumps on demand.

ALT-DT-LA Control Panel

The ALT-DT-LA is a Duplex Control Panel that is designed to monitor pump tank levels and operate two alternating 1/2 HP 120 VAC pumps on a dosing timer.

ALTDM-2HP-DV Control Panel

The ALTDM2HPDV is a Duplex Alternating Control Panel designed to be the ideal Dual Voltage duplex lift station for 120 VAC or 240 VAC up to 2 HP (horse power).

ALTD-2HP-DV Control Panel

The ALTD2HPDV, an Alternating Duplex Control Panel, is designed to perform the endlessly important job of acting as a Dual Voltage duplex lift station for either 120 VAC or 240 VAC, up to 2 HP, or 2 horsepower.

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