ACP-CJCS Control Panel

The ACP-CJCS is designed to operate an aerobic treatment unit with a
shaft aerator. This control panel will power one shaft aerator and one
effluent pump. There is no timer to operate the aerator in this control. The
aerator in this system will run continuously. There will be a 360 degree top
mounted red light for alarm conditions and a pizo electric buzzer in the
door of the enclosure.
The 20 Amp pump circuit breaker will supply a 120VAC single phase 1⁄2 HP
or smaller pump. The pump operation is controlled by a Grasslin Pin Timer.
With this timer the pump can be operated on 15 minute intervals at any
time of the day. This type of system is used mainly for night time aerobic
spray where you only want the pump to operate during certain hours.
The 10 Amp air compressor circuit breaker will power one residential sized
shaft aerator continuously. The 10 Amp alarm circuit breaker will power
the alarm circuit. The High Water alarm is designed to be used with a
normally open float switch. When the high water float switch raises the
red alarm light and buzzer will activate. This control uses a current switch
to monitor aerator operation. The shaft aerators do not have air lines and
rely on a spinning tee on the bottom of the motor shaft to draw air
through the hollow motor shaft and out the tee. If the motor is
disconnected from the power source, shuts off due to thermal overload, or
the circuit breaker trips, the current switch will activate the alarm light and
buzzer. This type of alarm is beneficial over just relying on the circuit
breaker to trip which is found in most alarm systems on the market today.
There are alarm test and buzzer silence switches mounted in the door of
the enclosure.
The enclosure has a NEMA rating of 4X which provides protection from
falling dirt, falling liquids, hose directed water and corrosive agents.
The 10”x8”x4” enclosure is made of Polycarbonate and has a hinged
lockable door with latches and included screws to secure the door if
required. All electrical components are mounted inside the enclosure on
an aluminum back plate.


  • 10”x8”x4” Polycarbonate Enclosure, NEMA 4X
  • Hinged lockable door with two latches.
  • Three circuit breakers for the protection of components.
  • Repeat cycle timer for time dosing aerobic drip applications
  • Current switch for aerator alarm.
  • Alarm light and piezoelectric buzzer.
  • Alarm test and buzzer silence switch.
  • Captive terminal strip for field wiring.