LPD-G3F Control Panel

The LPD-G3F is designed to operate a simplex lift station with an alarm. This control can be used for pump up or pump down operation. It operates on demand with a three-float setup consisting of an On float, Off float, and High Water Alarm float. This control panel includes a relay that is used to start and stop the pump and is designed to operate pumps with internal capacitors. If using external capacitor pumps, the capacitor kit from the pump manufacturer must be used. This control panel can be hooked up using three float switches: an on float, an off float and an alarm, or one float for on/off and an alarm float.

This control panel will operate a 208/240 VAC single-phase 2 HP pump or smaller. There are two circuit breakers in this control. The pump uses a 20 Amp double pole circuit breaker, and the alarm uses a 10 Amp single pole circuit breaker. The alarm is designed to be used with a float switch. When the float switch closes, the 360 degrees top-mounted red alarm light will come on, and the Piezoelectric buzzer will sound. There are alarm test and buzzer silence switches mounted in the door of the enclosure. This control is mainly used to pump sewage from a septic holding tank to a treatment unit using a solids handling or grinder pump.

The enclosure has a NEMA rating of 4X, which provides protection from falling dirt, falling liquids, hose-directed water, and corrosive agents. The 10”x8”x4” enclosure is made of Polycarbonate and has a hinged lockable door with latches and included screws to secure the door if required. All electrical components are mounted inside the enclosure on an aluminum back plate.


  • 10” x 8” x 4” Polycarbonate Enclosure, NEMA 4X
  • Hinged lockable door with two latches
  • Two circuit breakers for the protection of components
  • Demand operation using pump rated wide angle floats
  • Pump Test Switch inside the enclosure to check pump operation
  • Alarm light and Pizo electrical buzzer
  • Alarm test and buzzer silence switch
  • Captive terminal strip for field wiring